Lost Weight Home Body Wrap Kits

Slender BW Sea Clay Body Wrap KitAll of us know by now that overweight will lead to many health problems such as heart diseases, obesity, high blood pressure or even diabetes. Hence it is recommended to stay slim where possible and Body wraps are certainly a great instrument to achieve that. You may want to consider Home Body Wrap kits as one of the option to lose weight.

There are all kinds of weight loss programs and plans touted by TV shows, magazines or even internet. However, most of these methods may not necessarily effective. Body Wraps, on the other hand, are known to help lose some inches speedily. They can help to enhance and firm the skin, giving you new and radiant look you would much desire.

You can apply Body wraps in the comfort of your home or at the Spa; it depends on how much you are willing to spend on such treatment. If you want to use it at home, you can always purchase the Body Wrap Kits from websites such as Amazon and follow the instruction that comes with it for the treatment. So do check them out and have a gorgeous slim body today!

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Detoxify in the privacy of the home – Home Body Wraps

If you are one of those who are addicted to smoking or drinking, or even just delighted in drinking coffee, you may have already introduced lots of toxins into your body. In fact, even just consuming sugar or salt daily will also affect the detoxification process of your body. Hence the food and the air we breathe every single day contributes to the buildup of the toxins within our physical body and has also contributed indirectly to the obesity seen in many of us.

The good news is that many Body wraps currently sold at various healthcare stores or boutiques and spas offers a great way to lose some weight and eliminate the toxins held within the body.

Well, you may claim that you do not care much about removing toxin trapped within your body, but the effect can be significant. The toxins can affect the effectiveness of your weight loss program by causing some level of water retention. You will also need to spend more energy to process these undesirable elements instead of working on getting rid of fats and calories. Hence the overall weight loss programs will not be as effective as you desire them to be.

As to how often should you apply detoxifying Body wrap, that would depend on the amount of toxins you have within our body. If you are dealing with lots of it, you should apply the wrap more often. It can be enjoyable too if it is correctly carried out and you will get to have a great body, clear skin and fantastic overall look. Do check out these body wraps at the spa or perhaps purchase the kit for use at your home.

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Applying Body Wrap at home

Herbal Body Wrap Well BeingBody wrap is a well known treatment that will enable you to tone up your body, detoxify it and enhance its blood circulation. There are spas that offer different kinds of body wrap such as seaweed, chocolate or even Aloe Vera wrap. These wraps work basically in 2 stages: absorption and squeezing. When you put on the body wrap, your skin’s pores will expand and water will be extracted from it and absorbed into the wrap. This is known as the absorption stage. Once this process is completed, the space between the cells will be squeezed, resulting in thinner and leaner body. This is the squeezing stage.

Not everyone will have the time to visit a spa and receive the body wrap treatment. You may want to consider doing it in the privacy of the home using home body wraps. That will save you time and money since it is much cheaper than spa treatment. However it is important to pick the right place where you can have complete privacy for about an hour to apply the wrap. You could use a mattress or plastic sheet on the floor to avoid soiling the ground when you lie down. Do keep the towels handy for cleaning and keeping warm after the treatment.

Mix the solution well and apply it onto the body, wrap the bandages around the body and rest for about an hour. Wash thoroughly thereafter and you will be sure to see your body more compact and slimmer. Do have warm shower prior to the treatment as it will help to open the pores. You may also use thermal blanket to help keep warm. Avoid caffeine, sugar, alcohol or fatty foods 48 hours after the wrap.

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Homemade Herbal Body Wraps

Herbal Body wraps are now becoming one of the most popular spa treatments in the coutry. There are numerous variation of the wrap catering for different purposes. One key benefit of the Body Wrap is skin rejuvenation. Other benefits include weight loss, skin tightening, body pain removal, detoxification as well as cellulite reduction. Various ingredients such aloe Vera, seaweed, honey, mud, chocolate, clay etc can be added to the wrap to cater for different needs. The wrap can be applied at the comfort of home if you are aware of the right method or purchase the Kit.

Homemade Body Wraps

The choice of the ingredient will depend on the intended purpose of the wrap . For instance, clay wraps are excellent for detoxification. The way to apply the Body Wrap is also dependent on the purpose of the wrap itself. Some would requires you simply applying the wrap straight to the targeted areas while others requires the wrap to be thoroughly soak in the ingredients before wrapping around the body. Do ensure that the best quality materials are purchased and used. Alternatively, you can purchase the Body Wrap Kits from reputed vendors or web store.


Simple Homemade Body Wraps

One simple homemade body wraps consist mainly of clay. For instance, if your skin is oily, bentonite clay is then the best ingredient for your skin. On the other hand, Pink kaolin clay is useful for sensitive or dry skin while yellow kaolin is for normal skin. Basically, boil the water over the stove, add the clay, add in some sea salt and olive oil, mix well and apply. Prepare for the wrap by showing and exfoliating the skin with a scrub, pat it dry using towels and apply the wrap thereafter.

Hence homemade Herbal Body wrap can be rather inexpensive compares to those offered at the spa. You can work it out together with a friend so as to get it done correctly and properly.

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Can Home Body Wrap really help eliminate Cellulite?

Women have cellulite, and this cellulite causes the ugly fat bubbling beneath the skin. This has affected the self-images of many over time. Some claim that diets or exercises are able to help address the issue, but as pointed by the professionals, there are some who are predisposed to it, so it is here to stay.

All is not lost, there are minerals that could help remove cellulite. One of such ingredient is “methylsilanol mannuronate”. Tests have proven that it is able to create cutaneous hydration activities which increases the skin miniaturization and reduces cellulite.

Body Wrap has become a popular option to address the cellulite problem. It helpful in eliminating the fat pockets and can be used to target specific areas on the body. It is originally designed to wrap around the entire body though, but has been re-designed to help perform targeted toning.


Home Body Wrap

Well, the question is whether home body wrap is capable of eliminating cellulites?

Home body wrap are designed to be applied in the comfort of your home and are relatively easy to use. Just apply the wrap to the targeted part of the body and you should be able to achieve desired result. There are ingredients that goes well with such home body wrap including algae or seaweed which will help in body detoxification.

If you are applying the body wrap at home, you should allow at least 1 to 4 hours for the entire procedure to be effective. You can shower after the wrap, but do avoid applying any lotion so that the skin can continue to process the ingredient contained in the wrap. Do plan to apply it twice in a week for a 2-months period. It is also relatively less expensive, do consider giving it a try.

Besides achieving inches loss and detox, body wrap will also help to enhance the texture of the skin through tightening and toning. Nevertheless it is not suitable for everyone, especially for the pregnant ladies. Do use it with care.

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Shed Inches Using Home Body Wraps

Can you really shed inches when you’ve only purchased home-made body wraps? Well, there are many who utilize various herbs for their body wrap and able to achieve similar inch loss result, all accomplished within the comfort and privacy of the home.

They’ve several benefits home-made slimming body wrap. They enable you detoxify your body, shed inches, tighten up the skin and also able to help eliminate cellulite. They are an excellent add-on if you’re embarking on certain weight loss routine. Hence you don’t have to visit a spa just for such treatment; you can get it done at much lower cost at home.

Home body wraps are available in a package where you dissolve its herbal contents within hot water. You can then add the strips of cloth to the hot solution. These types of wraps can be lengths of toweling strips as well as long elastic bandages. Shake them well and place them around the body tightly. This may appear complex at first, but you will quickly get the hold of it. It is next recommended to place film plastic above them to help keep your moisture in and also the heat within. It will also prevent wetting the blankets when you lie down. You can lie down on the towel and cover yourself with additional towel and blanket that will keep you warm and comfortable.

It is good that you enjoy this for approximately 60 minutes. You can listen to calming music. Thereafter, just get rid of everything when completed. An additional advantage is actually that since body wrapping is so popular, the herbal solutions have since enhanced. It is now easy to mix the solution according to certain recipe and apply the wrap in the comfort of your home. Hence Home body wrap is definitely one thing you should consider as part of your overall health plan.

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Ways for making and using Seaweed and Coffee Bodywraps at home

1. Gather the seaweed and coffee powder for the Body Wrap.

Purchase seaweed such as granulated kelp through any garden shops, or the food-grade seaweeds like wakame, kelp etc. from health meals or even Asian meals shops. You should use fresh new ground coffee or even purchase a can of instant coffee if you do not normally consume it. Avoid decaffeinated Coffee.


2. Collect the wrap components.

Acquire sufficient old whitened sheets (can be obtained easily at very low-cost from any second-hand stores), unbleached natural cotton muslin through any cloth shops, or aged thin bath towels so as to fully wrap the region you would like to treat. Slice the clothes into size. Obtain adequate ace bandages in order to wrap round the region to secure the body wrap fabric.


3. Locate an area to apply Body Wrap.

You’ll need a location that is both warm and where you could rest for about 45 minutes. A clock should be close by for you to check on the timing. Standby lots of water. Entertainment such as ipod, speaking on the telephone or perhaps a portable video display could be added to help you pass the whole treatment time easily. You may also need a huge basin or even plastic tub nearby in order to soak the wrap material within the herbal liquid after the wrap.


4. Bathe and wrap.

Soak the body wrap cloth within the herbal liquid and shake the excess liquid back to the basin or tub for each treatment. Wrap the targeted body area using the cloth, don’t make it to be too restricted. Rest with all your selected entertainment for the entire 45 min.


5. Wash. Rinse away any excess herbal liquid

Add a NEW rub of essential olive oil and add a drop or two of the rosemary essential oil to finish up with your body wrap treatment. Lots of people may notice some results in a single treatment. If possible, repeat the process everyday or every other day for a week for better results. Thereafter, repeat occasionally when intended for up-keeping.

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Tips on how home-made Body Wraps Can help you save Cash

If you have gone for a Spa’s slimming wrap recently, you will realize that such wraps are great treatment which helps in achieving weight loss, body detoxification and reduction of cellulite. In addition, the wrap will make your skin both clean and refreshed.

However many of us will not really want to pay for the spa wraps several times a week simply as it usually cost somewhere between $60-$200 per treatment which is rather stiff. Fortunately, the home-made herbal body wraps which can be as useful as the spa’s body wrap, and yet cost a lot less. The price can be so low that you could apply 10-15 times of the home body wraps at about the same expense as one Spa’s body wrap!

So let me review further on the homemade wraps and the right way to reap the huge cost benefits.


Precisely what so good about Home Body Wrap?

The home herbal wrap is usually a treatment that consist of natural ingredients such as seaweed, natural herbs and clays etc. Most of these ingredients are blended together to create a formula that will helps getting rid of unwanted weight, cellulite, detoxing the body, as well as enhancing the tone and texture of the skin.

The ingredients are chosen for their specific attributes and they are to be combined in appropriate portion into a mixture that can be easily absorbed via the skin into the body. After the formula is placed onto the targeted regions of the body (upper arms, abdomen, thighs, buttocks or leg), you can then wrap the body with bandages specially designed for Body Wraps or covering it with cloths that help support the formula around the skin and help keeping your body comfortable.

Body wraps has been the favorite spa treatment for a long time, however the home body wrap is gradually becoming the “mainstream” for such treatment.


What are the benefits of Home Slimming Wraps?

There are many benefits of home-made weight reduction wraps and the biggest is the price. It is also the fact that you will have complete control over the ingredients that goes into the wrap.

Prices of Spa’s inch-loss wraps is typically around $60- $200 for each treatment and they are not affordable for most individual. However, it is now possible to carry out the same kind of body wraps in your very own house for as low as $5 each. That means the price tag isn’t going to be a concern anymore and you can get as many wraps as you like without having to hurt your wallet significantly!

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Homemade Herbal Heat Wrap

Choosing Herbs

Each herb contains its own set of attributes and properties. Some of them are useful in body detoxifying, while the others nourishes the skin. Burdock root, clary sage, rose hips, dandelion root and chamomile are just a few herbs that are usually included in the herbal body wraps. Some herbal wraps include Seaweed and salts as part of the mixture with herbs. Do refer to the herbal reference guide list like the one that is hosted in for exact properties of the individual herbs and their ideal usages.


Preparing the Body

Showering or exfoliating before the body wrap treatment can help opens up the pores which will make the detoxification process more effective. It is best to avoid sugar, caffeine and fatty dietary before the wrap. Do drink a couple of glasses of water before and after the wrap to help the body to flush out the toxins released during the process. Do test herbal combination for allergic reaction on a small area of your skin before applying full body wrap, this will help minimizing any potential skin issue thereafter.


Preparing the Herbal Heat Wrap

Do create a spa-like atmosphere in your house. For instance, play soothing and relaxing music in the background, and perhaps light a few candles around. Make sure that the place you have chosen to apply the wrap is secluded and you will not be disturbed by any friends, family members or pets.

Lay towels out on a flat surface you such as the floor, yoga mats or a desk. Boil approximately eight cups of water, remove the heat and add the herbs. Allow the herbs to sit in the mixture to cool for about 20 minutes. Dip the sheets into the herbal mixture and then tightly wrap the body with them.

You may feel snug with the wrap on your body, but you should not feel it as being too tight. Lie down comfortably for about an hour before taking off the sheets. However, do remove the sheets soonest possible if you feel any burning or pain sensation on the skin. After removing the sheets, soak in a lukewarm bath and drink at a couple of glasses of water to re-supply the lost body liquid.

With proper preparation and carefully adhering to the procedures listed above, you will be able to enjoy and reap the full benefit of the Home-made Herbal Heat Wrap at the very comfort of your  home without having to pay the high price tag in a Spa.

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