Body Wraps that is good for losing Inches

There are many benefits of Body Wraps including body contouring, detoxification, skin softening, skin tightening, weight loss and metabolism boosting etc. Let’s look at how they work.


Do they Work?

The key principle is vasodilation, ie blood vessel widening. During the vasodilation, blood flow is increased due to reduction in vascular resistance. Water is drained out of the body through  sweating. Lymphatic drainage is another result through application of body wrap which help to direct fatty acids and toxins to the capillaries. These toxins are then eliminated through sweating.


Lose Inches through Body Wraps


1)      Mineral Wraps

The wrap is soaked in distilled water as well as inorganic minerals. The toxic materials in our body are removed through the process called osmosis. The fat cells are also shrink during the process, hence achieving inch loss. Other benefits include deep detox, renewed vitality and a good sense of well being.


2)      Clay Wraps

Before this wrap is applied, a pre-body wrap solution is applied to the body to trigger exfoliation. Sea clay is then applied before the target areas are being wrapped with the wrapping clothes. It is important to ensure that the target areas are kept warm so that skin pores are opened. The wrap should be kept on for an hour before being removed and the clay rinsed off.


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